Have you thought about your legacy? If you ask people what they would most like to be remembered for after they pass away, you are likely to get a lot of different answers.

Most people would probably answer that they want to be remembered for something that is important to them and how they view themselves as a person. For some, that might be how they built a business. For others, it may be for what they did for charities and charitable causes they believed in. Still, for many other people, their legacy goals may be tied to how they cared for and took care of their families.

Despite all of the above, a new survey in the U.K. reveals that a lot of people would like to be remembered for their senses of humor! The Daily Mail shared new research that shows “levity and amusement top the list of characteristics most-desired to define us in death.”  The results might be somewhat surprising, since the stereotypical Brit is a reserved person in American popular culture. It does make sense, however, that people want to be remembered for humor.

Laughter also makes other people around us laugh. It makes others happy. There are far worse things than being remembered for making others feel good. No matter what you want to be remembered for, be it a sense of humor or something else, you cannot always choose how people will remember you.

Estate planning is the one of the best ways to make sure that your family and friends are able to remember your legacy after you are gone. Unfortunately, estates that do not have complete or thorough planning usually end up in court causing stress, anxiety and frustration in family members. Be remembered the way you want to be. At Hougum Law Firm, we know and understand the challenges you face and we want to help you plan ahead to protect yourself and those you love most. Ready to start planning ahead? Let us know by sending us an email at info@hougumlaw.com or calling us at (715) 843-5001. We look forward to talking to you!