Hougum Law Firm, LLC

Alan and staff are competent, friendly and always helpful. Have peace of mind knowing financial affairs are in good hands.

Helen K.

We trust Alan and his team. They stay up on new laws and inform us. We feel secure in the estate planning decisions we have made.

Marvin S.

Attorney and staff very personable. Explains issues so that the lay person can understand. Great treats!

Ray & Geri R.

Firm employees are friendly, helpful and timely in response. Plans are unique to you.

Faye D.

Most personable man, He is very friendly, helpful and so knowledgeable.

Ruth G.

Hougum Law Firm is a professional, well-informed group that has my best interest at heart

Jeanette B.

The Hougum Law firm is an excellent approach to have complete assurance that your financials are secure.

Judy R.

It’s good to know with Alan and his staff’s help that we have protected our assets. They are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Parker & Martha M.

Hougum Law firm is very knowledgeable and very detail oriented (thorough) in preparing a trust specific to your needs.

Mary P.

Very knowledgeable and personal staff who are able to put complicated financial and legal matters into layman terms. I wish I had started working with them sooner!

Nancy C.

We have recommended you to friends & family because you have helped us so much. We are so glad you’ve given us suggestions on how to proceed with our estate planning. Thank you!

Tom K.

Alan and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and thorough concerning asset protection and estate planning. I heartily recommend them for peace of mind.

Richard & Joyce Z.

The firm is very concerned and provides a wealth of information.

Lowell B.

Alan is good at what he does and we recommend him without reservation

Marilyn S.

Knows the law and is willing to help to form the best trust for you.

Jim N.

Alan and his staff will make you completely understand and retain information. He will give information that is easily understandable. A very good comfort level was received. Good people.

Bob S.

He does a thorough job and has a good team. One of the most important parts is keeping up to date, and this law-firm does a great job.

Grace D.

Very knowledgeable, friendly, speaks in terms that a regular individual understands. Staff is very helpful and answers questions in a timely fashion. Fees are reasonable with the maintenance agreement.

Sandy S.

We find the employees at Hougum to be friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to answer my questions in a timely manner

Dale & Sharon D.