It is 1946. World War II has recently ended, nine months ago to be exact. It was during this time that the “baby boom” hit. In 1946, 3.4 million babies were born, breaking records across America with more babies born than ever before.


This boom did not end in 1946. It carried on into 1947 and did not stop until 1964. Historians believe that this boom was the result of people delaying life changing events, such as marriage and childbirth, until after the Great Depression and World War II.


According to the History Channel, the hope of the American people after both the Great Depression and WWII was high. It shares, “Many people in the postwar era looked forward to having children because they were confident that the future would be one of comfort and prosperity…As a result, many Americans felt certain that they could give their families all the material things that they themselves had done without.”


Planning ahead and preparing for all potential future scenarios was simply what the generations that gave rise to the Baby Boomers did. They saved, they scrimped and they made sure their children were provided for. Whether you are a part of this generation or a Baby Boomer yourself, what are you doing to plan ahead for your future and for the future of your family?


As we celebrate National Elder Law Month across America, we need to take a moment and check in on the planning we put in place to protect ourselves, our family and our legacy. Is your durable power of attorney up-to-date? Are your choices for decision-makers current? Have you provided and planned for the legacy you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?


No matter what your age, these are important considerations and decisions to make early. None of us know what the future may hold and, while we may plan ahead for the “right” time to have children or get married, we may not be able to so easily plan for a sudden accident, illness or long-term care crisis. Advance estate planning and elder law planning is the only protection we have to protect ourselves. At the Hougum Law Firm, we know and understand the challenges you face and we want to help you plan ahead to protect yourself and those you love most. Call us at (715) 843-5001 or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment with Attorney Alan Hougum.