Are you familiar with the amazing ways technology can help your aging loved ones stay at home safely? Let us share with you. Right now are your loved ones currently living in their own home, taking care of themselves by handling their own shopping, cooking, medications and driving to appointments? In fact, do you only have to call or visit occasionally? That being said, are you beginning to notice that your loved ones are aging and may need some extra help? Are you wondering where that help can come from?

This is where we would like to share with you all the amazing ways technology can help your aging loved ones stay at home safely. When used appropriately, the right technology can make it easier for seniors to engage with their family and friends and remain healthy and safe in their independent living situations. Next, we would like to share a few technologies that might help your aging loved ones. We encourage you to discuss these technologies with your aging loved ones. We would also encourage you and your loved ones to consult with their primary care practitioners to help identify areas where technology may help them now and in the future.

First, we know how important health and wellness are for you and your aging loved ones. This is definitely an area where technology can be of assistance. Since COVID-19 you are probably very familiar with on-line doctor visits. In fact, telehealth is becoming more and more common. By using this technology it will be easier for your loved ones to manage illnesses and connect with their health care professionals while at home. During the first few video visits with their physicians, plan to be there to assist your loved ones. Assisting them now will give your loved ones the confidence to connect with their physicians independently. Another great technology system is medication management. These systems can issue reminders, dispense medications, monitor medication usage, and notify caregivers when doses are missed. Two of the products available to consumers to purchase or rent are epill, and MedMinder.

Second, technology can help keep our aging loved ones from being isolated or lonely, which is a very valid concern. Also, technology can definitely help fight social isolation. Believe it or not, just using technology as simple as a cell phone can increase the ability of your aging loved ones to connect with all their family and friends. Look for phones with large buttons and clear screens. In fact, the Lively Flip phone was designed for seniors, and comes with a special one-click button to connect with a member of the Lively Response Team. This team can summon help or connect the caller with a board-certified doctor or nurse. Another technology is available for your aging loved ones who have hearing loss. With a captioning app like Clear Captions, your loved ones will be able to read phone calls.

Finally, you should consider a Medical Alert System for your aging loved ones. This type of system, which now comes standard in many home security systems, can also help your aging loved ones age in place. If your aging loved ones have a fall there can be an immediate response with a medical alert system. This system can also include a daily check-in to make sure your loved one is safe throughout the day. There are numerous companies to choose from but a great place to start is to determine if your loved one would wear a care button or bracelet to have immediate access to help or if there needs to be a home monitoring system instead.

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