As adults advance in age, their physical capabilities may tend to diminish. While this is an unfortunate part of life that has the potential to eventually impact all of us, when it comes to driving, this may be of particular concern for aging seniors.

Impaired sight, hearing, and reaction time can lead to dangerous situations on the road, as can declining cognitive awareness. Unfortunately, for many seniors, driving may no longer be a safe activity.

While it may be difficult for a senior loved one to hand over his or her keys, the Older American may feel more comfortable knowing that he or she does not have to give up on his or her daily activities simply because of driving restrictions. To help your senior get around safely, let us share a few transportation alternatives for aging seniors.

1. Online Ridesharing Services

Smartphones may not be for everyone, but for those who can manage, there are an increasing number of ridesharing services available, notably Uber and Lyft. Simply download the app, select your desired location, and a driver will appear, often in minutes. Ridesharing services are similar to a taxi service, but in many ways cheaper and more convenient.

2. Go Go Grandparent or Arrive

If the senior you love is not comfortable with newer technology, Go Go Grandparent or Arrive, call Uber and Lyft services on his or her behalf. These services cater to the elderly to make sure they reach their chosen destinations and can send alerts to the rider’s caregiver to update them on where they are and who their driver is.

3. National Volunteer Transportation Center

The National Volunteer Transportation Center is an organization dedicated to helping those who live in more rural areas and who may not have access to ridesharing apps and taxis. While not an actual transportation provider, the group provides resources for approximately 800 volunteer driving programs around the country.  

4. Public Transportation

Most people are aware that public transportation is an alternative to driving, but many people do not use it. You may be surprised to learn about the full range of services that public transportation providers offer to seniors, including senior discounts and other perks. State and local governments are also increasingly investing in public transportation services, making it an even more viable option for seniors.

Helping your senior loved one stay safe while getting around is important to us. If you have any questions or need further advice on protecting the senior you love, do not hesitate to call our office.